WCG 2005: European Case Modding Show

Written by Gert Swolfs

May 4, 2005 | 13:32

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World Cyber Games at CEBIT in Hanover

WCG 2005: European Case Modding Show Introduction

The European Casemodding Exhibition was held at Cebit in Hanover from the 9th of March until the 13th as part of the World Cyber Games 2005. I was lucky enough to participate in this contest with Hypercube, as part of the BENELUX team, together with three other modders from the Netherlands. Every European country could send in there best casemodders to try and win endless fame and fortune ;-)

It was the first time the World Cyber Games have held a contest like this - just a toe in the water, but hopefully there will be many more in future years.

The contest was being held at Hall 27, together with the World Cyber games and the Samsung Mobile Gaming contest. I arrived on Tuesday to set up Hyper along with all the other modders, and it was already then I knew I was going to have the time of my life.

We not only got free access to Cebit for five days, we also stayed in a nice 4 star hotel, got food and drinks at the Gamers Lounge, got free t-shirts, free internet at the Press Rooms and visited a lot of after parties with free drinks and stuff on different locations. All this was sponsored by Samsung, and I have to say it was more than OK. (thank you Samsung! -Ed)

And let's not forget the prizes involved:

First Place: 5000€
Second Place: 3000€
Third Place: 2000€

The exhibition started on Wednesday with the biggest crowd I have ever seen. I have never seen so many people taking pictures of the same thing - I was getting worried Hyper was going to turn yellow from all these flashes ;-)

WCG 2005: European Case Modding Show Introduction WCG 2005: European Case Modding Show Introduction

The rules of the contest were pretty simple: the people visiting the exhibition would cast votes by filling out a card - on the card you had to fill in your name and your 2 favourite cases. At the end of the week these votes were being counted and the case with the most votes would win the contest. Simple as that. There was no technical or professional jury involved.

On these 5 days I got the chance to meet some great modders. Talking to them made me realize how the modding scene is growing everyday and how well thought out some of these cases actually were. Most of the time the case doesn’t reveal the story and workload behind it. But that is just what a modder like me wants to know.

Of course, I hoped Hypercube would do well, but it really was just an honour to be there. Shall we check out the field?
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