Revoltec Zirconium

Written by Joe Martin

June 8, 2007 | 13:47

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The inside of the case is disappointingly standard, though the only reason it's disappointing is that we were hoping for the insides to be disgustingly useless, so as to match the outer shell.

The case has a 120mm fan on the back , which is also made by Revoltec, and drive cages towards the front. The drive cages are a similarly standard setup too – the top drive cage is for optical drives and has room for four of said devices, while the lower HDD cage has room for just two hard drives.

Between the two cages, and again above the top cage, is room for a small 3.5" drive such as a floppy disk drive or similar.

The case doesn't have a removable motherboard tray, but instead the panel the motherboard is mounted to has been shifted forward a centimetre or two so that cables can be routed behind it if both side panels are removed.

It seems to be a growing trend in cases to feature some form of organiser on the inside of the case – like the odd little toolbox in the excellent Antec P182 – and the Revoltec Zirconium is no exception to this rule.

Revoltec Zirconium Inside the box Revoltec Zirconium Inside the box
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The Zirconium's attempt at a gimmicky organiser is a tray that slides into the HDD cage like a drive and which can hold all the drive rails at once. It's handy for when you're installing the system as you can just clip and unclip the rails as you get the system setup, but once the case is closed we're betting most of these will get lost in a desk drawer somewhere – especially if your case wants to house more than a single hard drive, which is probably true for most bit-tech readers.

There's room for another 120mm fan in front of the HDD cage, but the case doesn't come with one installed and there's only an air filter there in the sample we reviewed. The air filter in this case was of the usual low quality that's usually found in retail cases and we always suggest picking up another if possible.

Revoltec Zirconium Inside the box Revoltec Zirconium Inside the box
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One side panel of the case has grilles cut into it in a chevron and circle motif, with the circular grille hiding a funnel which is held in place with plastic pop rivets and which is obviously intended to sit over the heatsink and funnel air upwards out of the case.

We should point out at this point that the case is made of steel and therefore even the side panels are pretty heavy on their own, so PC builders with bad backs may want to shop around for a lighter, aluminium made case that isn't going to make them slip a disk when they pop it up on their desktops. It also doesn't make it very fun to turn over and over when you're reviewing and testing a system...
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