Kobalt G860 Laptop Review

Written by Clive Webster

January 12, 2010 | 08:47

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Kobalt G860 Laptop

Manufacturer: Kobalt
UK Price (as reviewed): £1,436 (inc. VAT)
US Price (as reviewed): NA

Core i7 Laptops have knocking around etailer warehouses for a few months now. While the original SKUs featured full-fat, desktop Core i7-920s and missing vowels such as the Rock Xtreme 920 it wasn't long before Intel hoofed out a mobile version of the chip.

We first saw the Kobalt G860 when it was used it to showcase the performance numbers for the Intel Core i7-720QM. Given that we've talked a fair bit about the Kobalt G860 and that it's a worthy piece of kit, we figured it was high time to put the full review up on bit-tech.

Kobalt G860 Laptop Review Kobalt G860 Gaming Laptop
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While Kobalt is also know for it's eye-catching Dream PCs, it also builds capable laptops in chassis of subtle design. From the outside, the G860 looks like an unassuming assassin with some nerdy glasses making his way through the public transport system towards his unsuspecting target that knows little of the bullet that will soon be speeding it's way towards the square centimetre of flesh that sits in between his eyes....or something....

Kobalt G860 Laptop Review Kobalt G860 Gaming Laptop
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The Kobalt is a laptop that will appeal to the minimalists amongst you. Gone are the days of the old school Alienware gaming laptops that are more lary than a seaside car park in Southend on a Friday night. The Kobalt G860 is an elegant thing.
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