Tesoro Interview

April 25, 2016 | 12:13

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bit-tech: What are your most popular products?

Johan: At this moment I would say that our Excalibur Spectrum keyboard is definitely one of the best selling products. Together with the Sagitta Spectrum mouse we have two amazing full RGB products that helps build the brand today.

bit-tech: How involved is the company in the physical production process? Does Tesoro own factories or production lines?

Johan: We don't own factories and that is the most common scenario. From our side it's better to have someone that is really knowledgeable about factories to handle that part like a factory owner. The difference for us is that we have strong relationships and are very well established with the factory side of things. As we are part of that process we can be more involved with the details than most other brands can.

Tesoro Interview
bit-tech: What about the QA stage? How much QA testing is done by Tesoro itself?

Johan: We are constantly trying to improve this to ensure the best quality possible. This is done in co-operation with the factories that we work with so we have good control of this part of production.

bit-tech: What sort of community engagement events is Tesoro involved in?

Johan: At this moment we haven't really focused on the community part, but shortly we will start to interact in some communities to make it easier for end-users to reach us for questions and help. This is a part of the long-term strategy we have set for Tesoro for the upcoming two years.

bit-tech: How closely involved with esports is Tesoro?

Johan: We have sponsored teams and have been involved. This is again our main audience and customers. Often the reason you buy a mouse or keyboard is that you want to play games. Esports is growing exponentially and I really see how it has become a mature business model in comparison to five to seven years ago. But, as I mentioned earlier, Tesoro's focus will be products and even if I like to watch some tournaments from time to time, we will not pro-actively step into esports as a big sponsor. As we will focus on the equipment that makes end-users' gaming experience better, we need to stay focused on products and not the esports scene itself.

Those guys are pros and should continue with that. However, very few know how to produce and manufacture these products. That is our profession, our passion, and what we are here to do, to focus on the products.

Tesoro Interview
bit-tech: Where do you see the peripherals market heading in the next three years or so?

Johan: It’s difficult to say. All accessories are, as always, driven by bigger things such as game titles, new technologies such as VR and popularity in platforms. For PC gaming, I believe that VR and additional ways of experiencing games will require new ways to control and interact with the content. Still, the biggest problem will be how much space you will need around your PC to conduct gaming. It is indeed a very interesting time right now and I hope that we will see a lot more innovative solutions in the upcoming three years.

bit-tech: Lastly, if you could change one thing about the keyboard, mouse or headset industries as they are today, what would it be and why?

Johan: Wow, that's a tricky question!

There are so many great vendors creating amazing products today. This means that there is a vast selection for users to choose from. Coming from the components business myself, I would truly like to see a better means of comparing products for users in the industry. Today, my feeling is that the testing of mice, keyboards and headsets is very subjective and more difficult than comparing CPUs, cases etc. With this in mind, I assume it must be difficult for end-users to pick the most suitable product for their needs.

bit-tech: Thanks for your time, Johan.
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