BFG ES Series 800W PSU

July 16, 2008 | 08:11

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Cracking it Open

Inside we find a Globe Fan who we can't say we've heard of before and there's no particular listing for this model on its website, but they do make some interesting CPU coolers.

The fan itself feels a little cheap and plastic-y, and while the ball bearing is very apparent it does have a very smooth operation.

Internally the arrangements are a little unorthodox to say the least - instead of heatsink fins standing tall and directing the air out towards the back of the case, they actually fit snug between the components and have fins pointing downwards. This is not the best suit for airflow and to be honest it all feels a little busy, however we can't deny that the outsides at least didn't feel too hot even during an extended session at full load.

BFG does use some decent capacitors, even if none are solid aluminium capped, however there is some issue with the fact that some components are moved extremely easily; the large 105C purple capacitor sitting perpendicular to everything is most notable for this. Ideally the components should not touch each other when a 10N force is applied and this just isn't the case; basically, the build quality is still good but isn't as high as we'd hoped.

In addition, the large live cable connecting the main central transformer touches the heatsink adjacent to it as well - we can't imagine this is the best scenario or a design intention. Unfortunately we couldn't get underneath to have a look at the PCB soldering, because we it was thoroughly wedged in.

BFG ES Series 800W PSU What's Inside? BFG ES Series 800W PSU What's Inside?

BFG ES Series 800W PSU What's Inside? BFG ES Series 800W PSU What's Inside?

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