BFG MX Series 550W PSU

May 21, 2009 | 09:51

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BFG MX Series 550W PSU

Manufacturer: BFG
UK Price (as reviewed): £72.96 (inc. VAT)
US Price (as reviewed): $109.99 (ex. Tax)

BFG's MX Series are mid range, modular power supplies available in 550W and 680W varieties. When we dive through BFG's website, it was actually surprising how many 550W models the company has: GS, GX, LS and MX - they're all slightly different.

The GS and GX are previous generation and not on sale here, nor do they have specs worth considering these days. However, the LS and MX are more modern with greater than 80 per cent efficiency, rated to 40ºC and using a mixture of 105ºC and 85ºC capacitors with quiet sleeve bearing fans.

Top it off with BFG's five year warranty (only when registered within 30 days of purchase) and it's tempting competition. For £73 though, it will have to do something special to compete with OCZ's ModXStream Pro and Corsair's VX550W power supplies.

BFG MX Series 550W PSU BFG MX Series 550W PSU
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We thought the box is reasonably large for a 550W, until we realised the PSU is actually longer than most units in this class. It's only held within some bubble wrap to protect it during transport too. Also in the box are the modular cables, a couple of zip-ties, five Velcro strips, four case screws, a power cable and pretty comprehensive manual featuring ground up build advise to more advanced ripple and power measurements.

BFG MX Series 550W PSU BFG MX Series 550W PSU
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