Corsair TX750W PSU

February 19, 2008 | 08:12

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External looks

Corsair has yet again gone for the matt black-textured look that is a personal favourite of ours that ranks up there with the red PC Power & Cooling units and the gunmetal shine of the Ultra X3 units. The build quality is very good and the finish is one of few that doesn't pick up fingerprints (finally!). Both sides and the rear of the unit are branded with the orange Corsair TX750W logo and, while this is large and not so subtle, it fits well into the design of the unit.

A black 13.5cm fan with a black fan grill adds to the continuity – the fan covers most of the top but half of it is covered by a clear sheet of plastic right beneath it. This is designed to push the air towards the front end by the cables, before being vented out the back, providing maximum air coverage to the components.

Channel Well Technology, or CWT, is the OEM production behind the Corsair unit and while Corsair obviously has its own specifications for the extremities—and possibly some internal components—this cooling design also appears in another CWT product: the Thermaltake QFan 650W. However, the QFan design is specific to Thermaltake.

Corsair TX750W PSU The Power Supply Corsair TX750W PSU The Power Supply

In reality this cooling technique fails quite significantly – anyone who has put a piece of card right in front of a fan knows that it doesn't magically divert the airflow to the other half. Instead, all it does is push the air back out again and creates a lot more noise while halving the airflow. Unsurprisingly the Corsair suffers from this exact problem, but thankfully despite it's a poor design, but we found the cooling was still more than sufficient during testing – the sides and base felt only warm throughout, even though there was very little air coming out of the back.

Corsair TX750W PSU The Power Supply Corsair TX750W PSU The Power Supply

The unit is a standard size (16 x 15 x 8.5cm) but it’s still quite heavy. As a result, we'd suggest that if your PSU is elevated in your case, you’ll ideally have a support bracket in addition to the four screws at the back – I don’t know whether I’d be comfortable installing this unit suspended on just four screws.
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