Corsair TX750W PSU

February 19, 2008 | 08:12

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Supplied Connectors

  • One 60cm black braided ATX cable
  • Four 6+2-pin 60cm black braided PCI-Express cables
  • Two 90cm black braided SATA cables with four connectors at 40cm, 55cm, 70cm and 90cm
  • Two 90cm black braided Molex cables with four connectors at 40cm, 50cm, 65cm, 80cm and a floppy connector at 90cm
I'm not entirely happy about stringing all those connectors from just two cables – while hard drives will likely all be installed in a similar place one beneath another, but occasionally there's a Molex on the other side of the motherboard for a PCI card or motherboard socket, for example. This means you have one of two cables dragged to the other side of your case; hardly an ideal situation.

While it does make for less cable mess (something that is always a positive feature) we would stress that planning a case and equipment to match the cable and connectors. Failing that, you can always make a Molex extension cable, but that adds another two connections into the mix which can cause a voltage drop.

Corsair TX750W PSU Cables and Connectors Corsair TX750W PSU Cables and Connectors

All the cables feature quality, tight fitting braids and very secure heatshrinking at the ends, but we don't like how they stop outside the PSU, not going all the way inside – it looks a little messy. At the business end of things it's a lot better though – all the connectors are black and the Molexes even have easy push-release parts on them for easy removal.

The four PCI-Express connectors are 8-pin connectors or, well, at least 6+2-pin – this maximises choice and can now support a pair of Radeon HD 3870 X2s, for example. While there are only four, and not six for 3-way SLI support, this doesn’t come as a surprise because Nvidia won't certify any PSU under 1,200W as 3-way SLI ready.

Corsair TX750W PSU Cables and Connectors Corsair TX750W PSU Cables and Connectors

Corsair has also done the right thing with the four and eight-pin 12V CPU power connector by making it a 4+4-pin instead of having two separate ones that always leaves you with one cable too many, or making the 4-pin spur off the 8-pin like some grotesque appendage. Plenty of SATA and molex connectors are supplied – eight each, along with two floppy connectors. The 20+4-pin ATX connector clips in like the 4+4-pin CPU power connector to provide backwards compatibility which is a free and easy extra choice, but kind of strange when you think that this should be a high end unit.

All in all, it's a good selection of connectors done right, although part of us wants some modularity for the Molex and SATA at least – sixteen connectors really is quite a lot, especially from just two cables.
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