Seagate 160GB 2.5" Portable Hard Disk

February 3, 2007 | 12:22

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Seagate includes its Diskwizard software that gives you an all-in-one utility for partitioning, formatting and maintenance of the drive. You can download the same thing for free from Seagate's website. Bounceback Express is basically the crippled version of Bounceback Professional, it offers features like:

  • Incremental Backup;
  • Native File Format backup (uncompressed) and Restore Functions;
  • Unattended Backup;
  • Backup Verification;
  • Scheduling;
  • Multiple Backup Set Management;
  • Push Button Backup (not available on this 2.5” drive);
  • Auto-launch on connection of external drive.
The software is pretty easy to use and provides plenty of options as to what exactly you want backed up and where you want it backed up to. Even partitions within drives are put in different locations if you are backing up to a single drive.

Seagate 160GB 2.5 Seagate 160GB 2.5
Seagate 160GB 2.5 Seagate 160GB 2.5
With the Express version of Bounceback, you don't get features like Version Control, Background Backup, Synchronisation, Backup with Compare, Password Protection and Full System Backup with bootability. These lost features are somewhat disappointing, especially for a full system bootable backup. There is the option to upgrade, but that will set you back another $49 / ~£30 for the Windows version.

Seagate 160GB 2.5 Seagate 160GB 2.5
Seagate 160GB 2.5 Seagate 160GB 2.5

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