Silverstone Treasure TS01B 2.5" Enclosure

Written by Joe Martin

April 27, 2008 | 08:53

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Silverstone Treasure TS01B Enclosure

Manufacturer: Silverstone
UK Price (as reviewed): £27.99 (inc. VAT)
US Price (as reviewed): $45.99 (excl. Tax)

Let’s be honest and open, shall we – hard drive enclosures aren’t all that fascinating to most people. They are essentially just boxes with ports, aren’t they? They aren’t all the valuable themselves most of the time, they just hold the stuff that is valuable and important – the thing that holds your data.

And yet, buying a good hard drive enclosure can be an incredibly important thing. A hard drive enclosure is the barrier between that thing holding your data and the world around it – it must protect your drive from physical danger, but it should also be good looking and easy to use.

A good hard drive enclosure will last you a lifetime, getting used and abused everyday. A good one will never let you down, a bad one will leave you sobbing over the smashed fragments of your ruined data.

As hard drive enclosures continue to vie for shelf space and consumer attention though, they have started incorporating more and more features; cooling, encryption and security tools. One of the companies pushing the expansion and development of enclosures as they continue to grow is Silverstone, who has kindly sent along one of its newest 2.5” drive enclosures for us to look at.

Silverstone Treasure TS01B 2.5

Specifically, it sent us one of the top of the line treasure series enclosures, complete with radio frequency tagging for security. What does this enclosure have to offer exactly, and does it live up to the job? There's only one way to find out!

Externally yours

The TS01B is one of Silverstone’s Treasure Series enclosures and in typical Silverstone fashion, it comes in a beautifully slim case that is designed to be subtle, sleek and unassuming. The type of thing that Richard Branson might carry in the inside pocket of his suitably suave jacket. It’s the mirror opposite of a Thermaltake case.

Of course, since this is an enclosure targeted at the type of person who values a good looking electronic accessory it has two main problems that are inherent to the project. The first is that the data on the contained drive has to be secure. The second is that the type of person who buys such a drive probably doesn’t want to be fiddling with unwieldy encryption and locks and so on.

The solution thankfully is very simple and kills both problems in one. The name of the saviour is RFID; Radio Frequency Identification.

Silverstone Treasure TS01B 2.5 Silverstone Treasure TS01B 2.5

If you aren’t familiar with the technology though then don’t worry because, though it is possible to go into Tim-esque levels of detail, the reality is quite simple. RFID is just a method for tagging objects (or people) with a radio frequency identifier that a compatible reader can identify from a distance of just a few metres.

RFID is the main selling point of the TS01B, which we think is pretty damn cool. You hook a hard drive into the enclosure, set up your provided RFID keyring fobs and can rest easy knowing that your data is secure. True, RFID does have a few weaknesses, but for all intents and purposes your data will be secure. Unless somebody steals your keyring.

The TS01B doesn’t come just with RFID technology though, there’s also a really nice leather wallet to keep your drive in when you’re carrying it around. The wipe-clean cover is important depending on what type of data you want to keep on your protected and discretely designed hard drive that can only be opened in your presence.

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