When a PC case mod isn't a case mod

23rd Feb. 2018 by Antony Leather

Water-cooled PCs are a hot topic and a big focus for marketing budgets, but they shouldn't be confused with case mods.

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Are Intel's CPU offerings weak despite Coffee Lake's success?

18th Jan. 2018 by Antony Leather

Intel has work to do in 2018: AMD is strong at the low end and the Core i7-8700K is bettered by Ryzen 7 in some benchmarks despite costing a lot a more.

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Intel might be planning eight-core desktop CPUs but AMD will still be strong in 2018

13th Dec. 2017 by Antony Leather

2018 looks set for more CPU battles with AMD refining its Ryzen CPUs and Zen core and Intel posed to release low-end chipsets and eight-core mainstream CPUs.

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Is Intel’s CPU line-up really a mess?

17th Nov. 2017 by Antony Leather

Intel has more powerful CPUs than ever, but are the blurred lines between mainstream and high-end desktop too fuzzy and making some models pointless?

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The Ryzen Effect

11th Oct. 2017 by Antony Leather

The CPU market has never had a year like 2017, and it all comes down to Ryzen.

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Threadripper versus Core i9: How did the battle end?

2nd Oct. 2017 by Antony Leather

AMD and Intel's flagships are now available, and the world has seen the numbers. Who has come off best?

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I'm optimistic about Intel's chances with Coffee Lake

14th Sept. 2017 by Antony Leather

Intel's Coffee Lake CPUs are nearly upon us and, if the rumours are true, so are its first mainstream core boosts in a decade.

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What will Intel's rumoured six-core mainstream CPUs mean for the CPU market?

24th Aug. 2017 by Antony Leather

If six-core Intel CPUs do appear in 2017, what impact will this have on AMD and the CPU market as a whole?

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AMD offering competition is great, but it presents challenges for us all

12th July 2017 by Antony Leather

More products, more reviews, more development; AMD's return to form means it's tough for motherboard manufacturers and even reviewers.

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The games industry needs to learn when to let things end

6th July 2017 by Rick Lane

Gaming needs to stops pushing franchises to exhaustion and let new ideas blossom.

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