I want to see more Threadripper-specific liquid coolers

14th Feb. 2020 by Antony Leather

With 3rd Gen Threadripper offering stunning all-round performance, why do few coolers offer TRX40-specific coolers?

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Did Intel's Cascade Lake-X tactics work?

20th Dec. 2019 by Antony Leather

Now the dust has settled, how does the HEDT CPU market look?

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AMD and Intel's November's CPU launches will redraw battle lines

13th Nov. 2019 by Antony Leather

The Ryzen 9 3950X, Intel's Cascade Lake-X, and AMD's 3rd Gen Threadripper will reshape our perceptions of the CPU market.

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The upcoming high-end CPU battle could depend on motherboard prices

21st Oct. 2019 by Antony Leather

With X570 motherboards demanding huge premiums, Intel's cut-price Cascade Lake-X could benefit from more affordable motherboards compared to 3rd Gen Threadripper.

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AMD's supply issues could undermine the success of Ryzen 9 CPUs

11th Oct. 2019 by Antony Leather

Lack of stock of AMD's high-end Ryzen CPUs could be their undoing.

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The HEDT CPU showdown will be the biggest battle of the year

3rd Oct. 2019 by Antony Leather

Cascade Lake-X and 3rd Gen Threadripper will be the biggest fight yet between Zen and Core.

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Do modern EFIs make physical fan controllers pointless?

3rd Sept. 2019 by Antony Leather

Does the advanced fan control on modern motherboards mean physical fan controllers are redundant?

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What can Intel do to improve its processor situation?

22nd Aug. 2019 by Antony Leather

With its move to 10nm on desktop still lacking a confirmed launch date, what can Intel do to turn the tables on AMD?

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The problem with X570 motherboards

9th Aug. 2019 by Antony Leather

AMD's X570 chipset sports fantastic motherboards, but is it a victim of its own forward-thinking?

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Are manufacturer ecosystems growing too large?

27th June 2019 by Alex Banks

Get your memory, water blocks, motherboards - all from us!

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3D Printing GPU Support Brackets

February 17 2020 | 09:00