bit-tech Mod of the Year 2017 in Association with Corsair

Written by Alex Banks

December 23, 2017 | 12:00

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It's that special time of the year again. Christmas and New Year are upon us, the frost is building, and preparations for 2018 start to take shape. However, we have one final task ahead: the annual crowning of bit-tech's Mod of the Year award! Over the last week you emailed us with nominations for your favourite mods of 2017, and boy are they special. There's a dizzying amount of talent on show, with every form factor and build method being showcased.

It goes without saying that custom loop water-cooling is as popular as ever, but it's not omnipresent. Similarly, you'll likely recognise many of the names in the shortlist, a number of whom are staples in the Mod of the Month features and previous Mod of the Year awards, but we also have new faces added to the roster, which is fantastic to see. There's wood, metal, plastic, paint, and all-round ingenuity on display, so let's get to it!

As per the rules in the nominations article, we have two categories: Case Mod and Scratchbuild. We've counted up the nominations and added our own to the mix, including a number who just about managed to get their final pictures in on time. Good luck to all the contenders; I'm sure we'll all enjoy the eye candy!

As with Mod of the Month and the Modding Update, Corsair is our sponsor for this competition, and it's offered up some great prizes! The winners of the Case Mod of the Year and Scratchbuild of the Year categories (based purely on reader votes) will each walk home with a newly released Corsair Crystal Series 460X White Edition case and a white RM750x power supply to match. 

The Overall prize winner, as picked by a combination of reader votes and an expert panel of judges, will receive £500 or equivalent to spend in Corsair's online store!

In addition, Corsair is also providing a triple pack of LL120 RGB fans each to three lucky voters. To be in with a chance of winning one of these £90 fan packs, all you have to do is vote for your favourite mods. The winners will be selected randomly once the voting period is over in two weeks.

We regret that Corsair's worldwide coverage with shipping no longer includes South America or Africa due to continuing issues with shipping to these locations. This is beyond our control, so we sincerely apologise to anyone in these areas, as we'll be unable to honour their prizes for the foreseeable future.

Casemod Category:

Project CrystaliZed 570X by twister7800gtx

Frost Orange by ML MODS

TRON by Deblow

Benchy McBenchface by p0Pe


Project Thunder by FlowMods

Hex Kitty by TheL4mka

SteigerWood by L3p

Verktøy Cu by Derick

Shui-Shen by MP-customized

TPS-L2 by Thechoozen

Tempest by ciobanulx

Scratchbuild Category:

PARVUM i1.0 Prototype-II by Imersa

Rey's Speeder by Boddaker


Monolith by Bennibo

The Tiny by dangthaison

Projekt A.P.R.P.M. by jones-965

I am Groot! by thechoozen

The Time by MPC

V8 Ocean by eucalyptus

WING X99 by Andreas | Brodholm

Project Cu by Maarten/Pine

Project Evolution v1.0 by MegaSkot

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