Deus Ex 3 in the works, gamers spooge

Written by Joe Martin

May 18, 2007 | 09:56

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Okay, okay, everybody just calm down and grab a tissue. I'll say it once more, just so everybody is clear.

Deus. Ex. 3.

Announced on the French TV channel, MusiquePlus, the boss of Eidos France, Patrick Melchior, announced that his Montreal based team is hard at work on the second sequel to what was quite possibly the finest PC game of all time. Melchior made the announcement in French, so we're not sure of the details just yet, but he has said he's very excited about what he calls the team's 'first mission'.

Deus Ex was released back in June, 2000 and, despite aged and ugly graphics, won it's place in the hearts and minds of gamers worldwide thanks to a long, developed plotline involving a global conspiracy and the ability to tackle levels in radically different ways depending on player strengths. At every moment players had to make important choices about how to upgrade their character or how to tackle situations. Stealth, action, manipulation and diplomacy each had their intertwining paths and, although most players achieved considerable body counts, it was possible to complete the game having killed only one enemy.

Deus Ex 2 was released soon after the original, this time without respected developer Warren Spector taking such a prominent role. It met with mixed reactions, many critics citing simplified design and smaller levels as indications that the game had been dumbed down for console gamers.

Although neither Warren Spector, who worked on other classics such as Thief and System Shock, nor Harvey Smith who also worked on both Deus Ex titles, are attached to the new game, Eidos France is hoping to restore the series to its former glory.

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