New Terminator game in the works

Written by Joe Martin

November 16, 2007 | 10:56

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Man, my life just keeps getting better and better. First, I land a sweet gig which lets combine my two passions in life, writing and gaming, and then the icing on the cake appears in the form of a new Ghostbusters game. If that wasn't enough though, the very next day the news breaks about a new Terminator game in the works go with the next movie. Throw Crysis into the mix and I think it's fair to say that its been a good week.

This was news to me, but the rights to the Terminator franchise are apparently owned by The Halycon Company and the company is keen to milk it for all it is worth.

According to The Hollywood Reporter there's a new film planned for the series laboriously called Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins and there'll be a game to go along with it. Halycon has even founded it's own studio to develop the game, headed up by Peter Levin and titled Halycon Games.

The game and film are admittedly a long way off - 2009 for "next-gen consoles, PC and mobile phone" releases, but the premise sounds cool. The plot will jump the Terminator franchise to the next step and will pit John Connor against the machines in the all-out war which follows the end of the last film.

Are you excited about the prospect of a Terminator tie-in or are you more thrilled to see Ghostbusters getting an adaptation? Let us know in the forums.
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