DICE: We're not making Battlefield casual

Written by Joe Martin

February 11, 2009 | 14:12

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DICE, the creator of Battlefield and Mirror's Edge has refuted claims that it is becoming too much of a casual games developer lately - a concern that's been voiced by many fans who are worried about the way the Battlefield franchise is heading.

DICE is currently working on two new Battlefield games - the online-only, micro-transaction sustained Battlefield Heroes and the recently announced Battlefield 1943. The latter especially has caused controversy with PC gamers, who're annoyed that the game will be available as a download-only title on consoles, as well as PC.

Speaking in an interview with Videogamer.com, producer Patrick Liu said that the studio was still very committed to hardcore PC gamers, despite it's spate of casual and console games recently.

"We are definitely still making PC games, we've not forgotten about that," said Patrick. "1943 is announced for PC. Bad Company 2 is announced for the PC, so obviously we got the engine (Frostbite) running on PC."

"I feel a little sad sometimes when people say they're lazy or they're not listening to the fans. Yes of course we keep track of what the forums are saying. I can't say anything really, but we have plans. Definitely big plans. The fans don't need to worry."

That last bit is especially interesting. Could DICE have a PC-exclusive ace in the hole, perhaps? Share your speculation in the forums.
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