Frozen Synapse demo announced

Written by Joe Martin

August 11, 2011 | 18:31

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Mode 7 Games has announced a demo and weekend sale for Bit-Gamer approved awesome-strategy game, Frozen Synapse.

Released today, the demo offers randomly generated singleplayer skirmishes, as well as full tutorial and a selection of levels from the singleplayer campaign. It lacks multiplayer functionality, however.

To celebrate the release of the demo, Valve is discounting Frozen Synapse by 50 per cent on Steam, reducing the price to just under £10 for two copies of the game, one of which is giftable to a friend.

'This demo offers a unique opportunity to...oh, who am I kidding?” blurted Mode 7’s Paul Taylor in the official statement.

'It’s a *demo*: you download it; you play it; we hope you buy the game thereafter. What more do you want from me? My shoes? You want these shoes?'

Um. Yes, please?

'Frozen Synapse is the most moreish and brilliant game I’ve played in years,' said Games Editor Joe Martin in his Frozen Synapse review. 'It’s responsible for me dreaming in shades of blue for the last three nights running and I wouldn’t have it any other way.'

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