GOG.com launches GOG Wallet

August 31, 2016 | 11:49

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GOG.com, the digital rights management (DRM) free distribution platform formerly known as Good Old Games, has announced the launch of a stored-funds payment system dubbed GOG Wallet.

Originally founded with the intention of selling digital copies of out-of-print classic games before branching out into DRM-free versions of current games and non-gaming content, CD Projekt's GOG.com has proven a successful alternative to larger services like Valve's Steam. Now, it's looking to capitalise on that success by offering a stored-funds payment platform it has dubbed GOG Wallet.

Describing GOG Wallet as 'a highly-requested quality-of-life feature aimed at gamers who frequently face international bank fees, use pre-paid debit cards, or prefer the extra convenience and control over their budget,' the system works in a traditional manner: users can deposit cash between £5 and £500 then use that cash to purchase any GOG.com content. The company has also confirmed that it will be depositing store credit earned under the Fair Price Package - which refunds the difference if an international user pays more than an item would have cost in the US - directly into users' GOG Wallets.

While the service will be of limited appeal to anyone with a debit card, GOG.com claims it has numerous advantages from avoiding international bank fees for selected payment types and allowing parents and guardians to set spending limits for their children by depositing only a set amount.

The service is live now, with more information available from the official website.
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