Antec announces new Kühler H600, H1200 AIO kits

January 26, 2016 | 15:00

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Antec has announced a pair of new entries to its Kühler all-in-one liquid cooling system family: the Kühler H2O H600 and H1200 Pro.

As their names suggest, the two new Kühler models differ only in their size: the smaller H600 comes with a 120mm radiator, while the H1200 uses a 240mm radiator with dual fans for improved cooling performance. Both are otherwise similar in construction: each radiator uses 0.2mm fins, the bundled fans feature blue LED lighting, run at up to 2,400rpm, and arrive pre-fitted.

The other end of the system is identical between the two models, too: featuring a copper base plate and built-in high-pressure impeller, the kit is said to be entirely compatible with any current Intel or AMD socket type. The company has also made much of the longevity of the components involved: it claims that the use of a new oil-free dry graphite lubricant and a carbon metal crystalline ceramic axis has boosted the mean-time-between-failure statistics considerably, with the latter offering a supposed 50-fold increase to its lifespan over rival designs.

Accordingly, Antec is offering the Kühler H2O H600 and H1200 with five-year warranties as standard, while claiming that its anti-corrosive coolant means years of maintenance-free operation - and no leaks.

UK pricing for the new parts has been set at £37.99 for the H600 Pro and £59.99 for the H1200 Pro. Stock is expected to enter the channel in the coming weeks.
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