SilverStone announces Argon AR07, AR08 heatsinks

December 29, 2015 | 11:39

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SilverStone has announced the expansion of its Argon range of air coolers, adding the AR07 and AR08 tower sinks to the family with availability scheduled for early next year.

Launched back in 2013 with the well-received Argon AR01, SilverStone's budget-friendly air cooling range is soon to be two models bigger. The first of the new designs to launch is the AR07, a 453g heatsink featuring three 8mm copper heatpipes drawing heat away from the contact plate and into a reasonable thick stack of aluminium fins designed with a diamond-shaped edge to increase turbulence and heat transfer. Coupled with a 140mm fan, the company is positioning the part as perfect for all AMD and Intel processors.

For those whose cases won't accept the 140mm x 159mm x 50mm dimensions of the AR07, SilverStone has an alternative in the form of the AR08. Like the AR07, the heatsink includes three copper heatpipes and a patterned aluminium fin stack but drops the overall size to 92mm x 134mm x 50mm for cases with tight clearance. The change in heatsink size, which also drops the fanless weight down to 285, comes with a move to a 92mm fan from the AR07's larger 140mm.

Both heatsinks include mounts for all current Intel and AMD socket types, but SilverStone has yet to release heat dissipation figures for matching each model to appropriately-powerful processors. The heatsinks are expected to launch into the UK channel early next year, with pricing yet to be confirmed.
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