Swiftech launches H20-x20 Elite watercooling kits

November 19, 2012 | 11:57

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Swiftech has taken the wraps off its latest products for watercooling enthusiasts, the H20-x20 Elite Series cooling kits.

Designed to pick up where the H20-x20 Edge Series left over, the H20-X20 Elite series packs the company's Apogee Drive II CPU waterblock with its integrated pulse width modulation (PWM) controlled MCP35X pump with a MCRx20-QP Res Revision 2 radiator with integrated reservoir. The kit uses Lok-Seal 1/2" and 3/4" compression fittings, comes complete with Helix 120mm PWM-controlled fans and the company's new eight-way PWM splitter allowing centralised speed management of all PWM-compatible pumps and fans in a system.

Those opting to buy the H20-220 Elite will find themselves with a dual-120mm MCR220-QP Res radiator, while the H20-320 Elite packs a triple-120mm MCR320-QP Res radiator. Both include the Apogee Drive II waterblock with integral pump and support for Socket 775, 1155, 1156, 1366 and 2011, along with Tim Mate 2 thermal compound. What isn't included, however, is any way of connecting the waterblock to an AMD CPU socket, with Swiftech stating that it will provide a hold-down plate and mounting hardware for Socket 754, 949, 940, AM2, AM3, 770, F, FM1 and FM2 for free upon request.

Inside the box, buyers will also receive a 500ml bottle of pre-mixed HydrX coolant, six feet of 3/4" OD and 1/2" clear tubing, a filling funnel, and an installation guide.

The kits are being positioned by Swiftech as an alternative to sealed-loop watercooling systems, offering expandability and ease of customisation not offered by all-in-one units. The system is also claimed to be extremely reliable, covered by a 10 year warranty and with a pump rated for 50,000 hours of use, while the coolant should need topping up only once every couple of years. The H20-x20 family is also expandable, with Swiftech claiming the integrated MCP35X pump has enough head pressure to support the addition of a graphics card into the loop without having to add an additional pump.

UK pricing for the Swiftech H20-X20 Elite family has yet to be confirmed, with US pricing set at $239.95 to $279.95 (around £151 and £176 respectively, excluding taxes.)
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