Crucial DDR4 launch line-up available for pre-order

August 4, 2014 | 11:37

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Crucial has announced pre-order pricing for its upcoming DDR4 memory products, confirming launch plans in its standard, Ballistix Sport and Ballistix Elite product lines.

The next generation of the Double Data Rate (DDR) memory standard, DDR4 improves on its predecessor with faster clock frequencies and boosted data transfer rates - from the 800 to 2,133 megatransfers per second (MT/S) of DDR3 to an impressive 2,133 to 4,266MT/s. Coupled with lower voltage requirements, DDR4 adoption is expected to occur at least as quickly as its predecessor DDR3 - allowing for the still-depressed market for traditional PCs, of course.

UK retailer Overclockers UK has confirmed that it will be carrying Crucial's DDR4 products, putting various models up for pre-order with estimated delivery at the end of this month. The range starts with 4x4GB (16GB) and 4x8GB (32GB) kits of entry-level PC4-17000C16 2,133MHz DDR4 on bare circuit boards, priced at £169.99 and £329.99 respectively.

Next in the range is the company's Crucial Ballistix Sport 4x4GB (16GB) and 4x8GB (32GB) kits, which add the company's usual heat-spreaders and upgrade the specification to PC4-19200C16 2,400MHz. The 16GB kit is priced at £179.99, with the 32GB kit coming it at £359.99.

The final entries in Crucial's DDR4 launch line-up are from the company's Ballistix Elite family, featuring the larger finned heatsink system common to the range. 4x4GB (16GB) and 4x8GB (32GB) kits are available, with the PC4-21300C15 2,666MHz versions priced at £239.99 and £479.99 respectively and the faster PC4-24000C15 3,000MHz versions priced at £329.99 and a spooky £666.66 each.

All listed models are available for pre-order now via Overclockers UK.
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