Battleborn Review

Written by Jake Tucker

May 9, 2016 | 17:13

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As your characters level though, you'll be asked to make a series of either/or choices that give you different abilities - you might choose between a red-dot sight that'll allow you to move at full speed while aiming down the barrel of your gun or you could instead opt for a long range sniper scope to help you pick people off at range.

Battleborn Review Battleborn review

Your character will slowly start to take shape, and each of the characters have choices like this, many of them much more esoteric as you leave the armoured soldiers behind and start playing with sword-wielding vampires, sorcerers and space elf warriors. If you don't like your upgrade, don't stress, you'll pick a new one at the start of the next session - there's no permanence to your character levels, just your "command" level.

The problem's a simple one though. Battleborn is boring to play, and it's hard to appreciate the characters properly when fighting through waves of robots feels like slowly headbutting a wall. Each enemy explodes into a shower of pick-ups and loot, but it all feels so hollow. At times, a flash of brilliance shines through and I enjoy myself briefly, but primarily I just wanted to stop playing, which is a damning fact about a game.

Battleborn Review Battleborn review

Where Battleborn actually shines is its multiplayer, but there's a problem here, too. Overwatch.
It's lazy games critique to say: Why play this game when you can play this other game that is superior but here at least it's justified - Battleborn feels like a half-baked mess of MOBA elements crossed with Borderlands, whereas Overwatch is polished to the high sheen you expect from Blizzard games. Both have MOBA tendencies, both are multiplayer arenas and both are releasing this month.

That's about all I can say about it. If that feels like an unfair review, it's because Battleborn doesn't really do anything well. It's a game that many people will likely enjoy, but a game devoid of soul. I've sat here for an entire weekend trying to think of something interesting to say about Battleborn, a better way to word the vague sense of inertia I got trying to play Battleborn, but that's it… it's just really not that interesting. I can't recommend you spend your time or money on this.

Battleborn Review Battleborn review
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