Battlefield 2 by Butterkneter

Written by Geoff Richards

July 19, 2005 | 08:50

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Battlefield 2 by Butterkneter Bravo Foxtrot 2

Some of the most popular case mods in recent memory have been themed around popular computer games. Macroman's Hidden & Dangerous 2 Ammo Shuttles was one of the most entered competitions ever held by PCZone and PCGamer magzine. Piloux's Blackmesa II currently takes pride of place in Valve's conference room at their headquarters in Bellevue, Washington. And we couldn't talk about game-themed case mods without mentioning Doom 3: Project Mars City by Crimson Sky - one of the most detailed mods ever attempted.

However, there is a new kid on the block. 35 year-old German architect Oliver König aka Butterkneter enters the fray with a series of cases with a Battlefield 2 theme. But before we check them out, let's look at Oliver's modding portfolio to date.

Battlefield 2 by Butterkneter Bravo Foxtrot 2 Battlefield 2 by Butterkneter Bravo Foxtrot 2
His first case mod was "Experimental Lambda Core" - Oliver was a big Half Life fan, and created this masterpiece purely for his own enjoyment. He posted photos on various sites, and we hosted a worklog on our forums. The feedback was overwelmingly positive.

The project caught the attention of the game's publisher, Vivendi Universal Games. Their German office made an approach to buy the case and after some careful deliberation, Oliver decided to sell them the case.

Looking for a fresh challenge, Oliver was commissioned by Tentacle Studios, based in Darmstadt, Germany, to build them a showcase system for their racing game, GTR.

Battlefield 2 by Butterkneter Bravo Foxtrot 2 Battlefield 2 by Butterkneter Bravo Foxtrot 2
The small form-factor box alone would have been worthy of high praise, but Oliver also built a freestanding display made from a pair of slick racing tyres for the ultimate burning rubber effect.

Having put GTR on the front row of the grid, Oliver yearned to get back to the industrial look he used on his Half Life 2 case.

Battlefield 2 by Butterkneter Bravo Foxtrot 2 Battlefield 2 by Butterkneter Bravo Foxtrot 2
Dubbed Codename: B², it is still in development, featuring the same level of detail as before but without the HL2 branding. And no, that first image is not a rendering - it is a real photo.

Then in February, the phone rang. Electronic Arts (EA) were interested in a project centered around their forthcoming flagship FPS game, Battlefield 2. The mission brief was challenging: they wanted not one but four cases. And the deadline was 10 weeks away. Codename: B² was put on hold and all energies went into this new mission.

Lock & load as we head onto the battle field...
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