Ultra X3 600W & 1,000W PSUs

November 10, 2007 | 13:16

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Manufacturer: Ultra

Ultra X3 600W

UK Price (as reviewed): N/A
US Price (as reviewed): $113.87 (ex. Tax)

Ultra X3 1,000W

UK Price (as reviewed): N/A
US Price (as reviewed): $249.99 (ex. Tax)


Ultra makes a greater variety of products than you might actually realise. It also makes some pretty unique and cool, although arguably crazy products as well, like the Carbon Fibre PC case for example.

The latest X3 PSUs are the flagship range within Ultra's portfolio and go from a mainstream 600W and 800W to a massive 1,000W and 1,600W. The style is exactly the same across all four units, they simply get longer to accommodate more internal parts that go hand in hand with the increased power output. Ultra opts for a single massive 12V rail, instead of several smaller rails, in order to make sure you always get the full power its rated at, regardless of the combination of cables you use.

Unfortunately, despite listing several UK resellers on its site, we are currently unable to find a UK shop that stocks Ultra's X3 power supplies, but there are plenty available for our readers across the pond.

What you get in the box

Ultra X3 600W & 1,000W PSUs Ultra X3 PSUs Ultra X3 600W & 1,000W PSUs Ultra X3 PSUs

While we have the complete X3 range in house, only the 1,000W came with a red box. Inside there's a separate box with the manual and all the modular cables, then underneath that is the foam suspended power supply. The foam is nice and thick so should sufficiently protect it during transport, and the PSU comes in protective plastic to stop it getting scratched.

Ultra X3 600W & 1,000W PSUs Ultra X3 PSUsBoth the boxes contain virtually the same contents, just the 1,000W has a few more cables in, that's all. There are no cable tidying extras included, like zip-ties or Velcro - something other manufacturers throw in - and there isn't anything else other than the box provided to store the unused bits.

Considering the cables are flat and of varying lengths, they're tidier by design, meaning that there's not as much need for cable tiding extras, and black zip-ties cost very little anyway. A pouch to keep the sheer mass of cables organised would certainly be useful, especially considering they're all black; so finding exactly what you need in a box full involves a certain amount of looking for a needle in a haystack.

The manual is simple but very clear and precise. With good pictures it details how to install the PSU, what all the connectors do, the output rating and efficiency of the unit over just 10 pages. You shouldn't really need it unless you've never used a modular unit before, but having a clear manual is always good for those needing to fall back on it.
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