PC BioShock demo incoming

Written by Joe Martin

August 20, 2007 | 09:34

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BioShock is awesome. Really, really awesome. Awesome because we've been playing it all week as we work on our in-depth review and we still find ourselves run screaming from the room everytime a Splicer comes around the corner.

If you've got an Xbox 360 then the chances are that you're nodding your head here, agreeing that BioShock really is the best game since Jenga was first invented. If you're more of a hardcore PC gamer though, then you'll be silently weeping and lamenting the fact that you still haven't had a chance to play the demo.

Well, come 11:00 PM GMT (or 7:00PM EDT, if you prefer) you will no longer have to cry those tears of BioShock-deprived misery. The PC demo will officially be landing later tonight.

Even better, the demo won't be the same as the 360 demo. Well, actually yes, it will be the same but apparently one of the plasmids is in a slightly different location. Still, it's more than enough reason for 360 gamers to download the PC version too!

All we care about though is whether the dead cat is still there, hidden in a corner about half-way in.

If you've been living under a rock for the past four or five years, or if you're just new to this whole games business, then you should know that BioShock is the brand new FPS/RPG hybrid from 2K Boston. The game casts players as a man whose plane crash over the Atlantic Ocean is only the start of an adventure into a massive underwater city called Rapture, where genetic tampering has pushed the citizens to war.

Our full coverage of the game, covering two reviews (one gameplay, one hardware) will be coming within the next day or two. If you still haven't managed to get your head around the game's story though, then you may want to use our multi-format, hands-on preview to get up to speed.

The demo will doubtlessly be all over the internet, but eager-beavers may want to keep an eye on the official website

Which version of the game will you be picking up, or do you think the whole thing is just hyperbole and over-excitement? Let us know in the forums.
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