Futuremark teases new DirectX 12, Vulkan benchmarks

December 22, 2016 | 11:29

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Futuremark, the Underwriters Laboratories-owned benchmarking specialist previously known as MadOnion.com, has announced that it is working on new benchmark packages targeting the DirectX 12 and Vulkan application programming interfaces (APIs).

Built from the ashes of AMD's Mantle, Vulkan promises to considerably boost performance on lower-end hardware by offering developers the ability to work closer to the metal and with lower overheads. Not coincidentally, that's also one of the improvements Microsoft has made to Direct3D 12 as part of the DirectX 12 API suite launch. In both cases, performance can be seriously shaken up compared with earlier DirectX and OpenGL APIs: a graphics card which excels at DirectX 11 performance may not be, as an example, the best choice for gamers looking to get the most from upcoming DirectX 12 games.

Futuremark is hoping to help with that by launching a new pair of tests, the company explained in a message to TechPowerup: one targeting DirectX 12 and the other targeting Vulkan. While Futuremark's 3DMark software already includes the Time Spy DirectX 12 benchmark, the new benchmark is promised to play more nicely with cheaper hardware: where Time Spy requires a beefy rig to get smooth playback, its companion test will be better suited to lower-end and laptop hardware.

The Vulkan test, meanwhile, will launch simultaneously on both Windows and Android, allowing for hopefully meaningful performance comparisons across desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. With mobile being a strong string to Vulkan's bow, Futuremark clearly expects there to be demand for game-load benchmarking on future Android devices.

No release date for the new tests has been given, with more information expected to be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2017.
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